The more you know, the more you can think on issues. Did you know the HMS Coromandel bought a disease to Aotearoa which killed thousands and thousands nationwide? Let’s go on this journey together and decide whether we keep or calmly dethrone statues as a community. Listen to the full piece below:

End of another busy week for Coromandel MP Scott Simpson! Simpson presented the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Petition to Parliament this week and was shaken awake in the earthquake this morning. “A huge thank you o all the listeners and people around our electorate who contributed to the signing of that petition,” said Simpson. Listen below […]

TCDC Civil Defence Controller Gary Towler talked to CFM post-earthquake this morning. He said if the earthquake had been closer and larger along the Tonga Kermadec Trench then we have possibly minutes before a tsunami hits the Coromandel Peninsula. Towler said that if there was an imminent tsunami threat, Civil Defence can activate the 30 […]

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Kermadec Trench just south of the Kermadec Islands at 12:49am this morning. This is the second earthquake this week in the area, with a 5.1 magnitude in the Bay of Plenty on Tuesday morning. Rick chatted to GNS Seismologist John Ristau on the CFM Breakfast show about whether it […]

Tiana Scott from Paeroa has one last hope to kick cancers butt… but the drug isn’t funded. She’s had many surgeries and chemotherapy, until she was told that would no longer be effective. Cetuximab is Tiana’s last chance and she said it has been difficult. “It’s not easy been given the news that you’ve exhausted […]

Ngāti Tamaterā have proposed a rāhui on parts of the Thames Coast for up to two years. This means the taking of any shellfish in the rāhui area is prohibited, including the taking of cockles, pipi, mussels and oysters. David Taipari from Hauraki Collective said this is not a new thing. “I guess we all […]

Creative Mercury Bay Bubble Bites episode 8 is out tonight at 5:30pm! The lineup has been released, and among the variety of talent, is Thames singer/songwriter Mark Tairpari. Rick chatted to Mark this morning all about his music and unique songwriting methods. “A lot of my songs I write, I create live in front of […]

Don’t leave it too late to apply for the Waikato Regional Council’s Small Scale Community Initiatives Fund! Up to $5000 is available to volunteer community groups and individual landowners undertaking ecological restoration through animal and plant pest control. Rex chatted to Thames-Coromandel Regional Councillor Denis Tegg about what could be funded. “If you are doing […]

How do we stop what’s happening in America, happening here? Statistics show that we have institutionalised racism here in NZ, and Rex talked to Te Korowai CEO Riana Manuel about how to combat institutionalised racism and the treaty. Manuel says we need to take the emotion out of it and deal with the facts. “We […]

Two incidents in two days shock Whitianga locals. Several people who witnessed an altercation on the main street of Whitianga yesterday were left shocked and upset by what they witnessed. Patched gang members attacked a person in Albert Street near the BNZ. The incident was immediately reported to the nearby police station who called in […]

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