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Rick Rennie spoke with Civil Defence controller Gary Towler on Friday April 17 about Easter weekend, the potential change to Level-3 lockdown and how that affects us all.

Rick Rennie spoke to Steve Hart, from the Kuaotunu Community Emergency Response Team to talk about what the group does and how the lockdown restrictions are affecting their work.

Breakfast host Rick manages to steal some time from Kerry Stanley who is the owner of New World Whitianga. Coronavirus has shook the grocery industry so how is Whitianga New World handling it all?

Jennifer Yates used to call Whitianga home but moved to Canada back in 2017. CFM’s Breakfast host Rick takes a walk in Jennifer shoes of living in vancouver Canada during the lockdown.

Morning chat with Graham Caddy a Coastguard in Whitianga, Breakfast Host Rick finds out what we should and shouldn’t be doing out on the water.  

CFM Breakfast Host Rick Rennie caught up with Andrew Mortimore from the New Zealand Police Force who is Acting District Commander of Waikato.  

TCDC Civil Defence Controller Gary Towler spoke to CFM Breakfast host Rick Rennie about Civil Defence procedures and capabilities during the Covid-19 lockdown.

TCDC Mayor Sandra Goudie spoke to CFM’s Rick Rennie on the CFM Breakfast show this morning at 8:20am and answered some questions from listeners too.

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