Early Morning Quake Up!

Written by on June 19, 2020

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Kermadec Trench just south of the Kermadec Islands at 12:49am this morning.

This is the second earthquake this week in the area, with a 5.1 magnitude in the Bay of Plenty on Tuesday morning.

Rick chatted to GNS Seismologist John Ristau on the CFM Breakfast show about whether it is likely to be a forerunner of a larger event.

“It does for a short time increase the potential of another earthquake,” said Ristau.

“But those probabilities drop off quite quickly… by far the most likely scenario, this will be the largest earthquake, there will be a bunch of aftershocks, and that will be it.”

Gary Towler, Civil Defence Controller for TCDC, has said to stay off the water off the water as there may be unusual currents.

Listen to the full interview with John Ristau below:

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