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Gigi Martin

In 2017, not long after the birth of my second kiddo, my husband and I fulfilled a long time dream to escape the city, we packed up our two kids, an extensive collection of geek paraphernalia and a bunch of shoes we now never wear thanks to #beachlife and moved to beautiful Whitianga.

I’m a reformed movie buff thanks to mum-life, a dreamer with a gypsy heart and a wannabe minimalist with hoarder D.N.A- the struggle is real.  I dream of vacations to Mexico and Palm Springs to stay in Art Deco hotels!

Music to me is a language everyone can speak, it has the power to heal and invigorate. I still remember exactly where I was and who I was with the first time I heard ‘Weather with you’ by Crowded House and I’ve seen Bruce Springsteen in concert 3 times (and know it will never be enough). My music taste is varied, but my heart belongs to country and rock ‘n’ roll. Realizing I’ll never be a drummer in an all-girl band or be able to duet with Dolly, I’ve found my way to community radio at CFM!

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