Boom Boom Deluxe, Solomon Cole, Descendants of Dinosaurs.. Virus Buster Run

The Coroglen Tavern

Event info
Date:Saturday February 6, 2021
Time:5:30 pm
Location:The Coroglen Tavern
Address: 1937 State Highway 25, Coroglen, The Coromandel

Music From:

– Boom Boom Deluxe (New Zealand’s #1 rockabilly band)
– Solomon Cole Band (Blues, Rock & Roll)
– Descendants of Dinosaurs (Rock)

All ticket sales go to the Salvation Army’s Foodbank project.

Planet Chopper is proud to present the Virus Buster Run 2021. The ride goes from Auckland to The Burt Munro Challenge and back again over 12 days. There is live music organised, plus custom-made event t-shirts and raffle tickets are sold for the Salvation Army’s Foodbank Project.

The purpose of this run is to twist the throttle on the economy by bringing business to New Zealand’s hard-hit restaurants, bars, hotels, motels and retail outlets.

People are free to join for the entire trip or just meet at the nominated bars. This ‘Gypsy Run’ style means that riders from anywhere in the country can join in. It’s not just for motorcycle riders though, everyone is welcome to come to the bars.

Given that international travel is not currently an option, this tour gives the motorcycle community something to look forward to, bringing riders together in a new and meaningful way, helping all New Zealanders.


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