CFM Local Breakfast Show With Rick

Hosted Live In The Coromandel 7am-11am Weekdays

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Monday to Friday 7:00 am 11:00 am

The Coromandel's Local Breakfast Show

RICK Rennie Breakfast C95 FM

Every weekday morning, Rick Rennie sets his alarm LONG before yours to get The Coromandel moving with a great mix of local news, local issues, fun chatter and CFM's Best Music Variety.

You can call Rick directly in the studio on 07 280 0540 to contribute to the show or just ask him how his morning's going (he'll appreciate it).

Rick presents The Coromandel's local breakfast show for you, 7am-11am every weekday, thanks to Landmark Homes.

CFM Local Breakfast Show With Rick crew

Rick hosts The Coromandel's own local Breakfast Show on CFM 95.1 and 94.0 FM.

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