Ekam World Peace Festival 2021


Event info
Date: Saturday September 18, 2021
Time: 12:30 am
Location: Worldwide
Phone: Linda Cholmondeley Smith 027 650 4881
Website: https://www.ekam.org/ekam-world-peace-festival/

Join millions and contribute to Peace. September 17th-19th

Be part of the ripple of Peace that is spreading across the world at the Ekam World Peace Festival.

Register here https://www.ekam.org/enroll/

Each day the focus is on one major issue the world is currently struggling with and meditate for peace.
Day 1 (17th September) – Peace for healing economic unrest.
Day 2 (18th September)- Peace for healing division.
Day 3 (19th September) – Peace for healing the planet.

The vision of Ekam World Peace Festival is to focus on impacting the individual’s consciousness to bring about World Peace. This is beyond religion. This is for all humanity.
This will create a greater awareness in your organisation of a need for peaceful living. These meditations are simple to do and will create a peaceful environment in these times of chaos and a feeling of responsibility for the world.

Join us at the same time for 3 days and join 20 million plus people meditating for World Peace. ‘Be the change you want to See’

Please note Video times are Indian Standard Time.

Day 1 NZ time is 12.30am on the 18th,

Day 2 NZ time is 12.30am on the 19th

Day 3 NZ time is 12.30am on the 20th

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