Shoreline Management Plan

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Date: Sunday June 19, 2022
Time: 10:30 am

Important public meetings to find out plans for your coastline and provide feedback.

discussing maintaining or improving the existing defences and building new structures. Another proposed strategy in some of our communities is to retreat from the area in the future.

???? Moanataiari
Friday 17 June, 3:30pm
Thames Civic Centre Auditorium

???? Thames
Friday 17 June, 5:30pm
Thames Civic Centre Auditorium

???? Whitianga
Saturday 18 June, 9:30am
Whitianga Town Hall

???? Kūaotunu
Saturday 18 June, 2:30pm
Kūaotunu Hall

???? Pāuanui
Sunday 19 June, 10:30am
Pāuanui Recreation Club


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