Tairua Bus

Event info
Date: Sunday August 7, 2022
Time: 12:00 am
Website: www.tairuabus.co.nz
NEW Bus Service between Coromandel Town and Whitianga
Starting Tuesday 2nd August and operating Monday through Friday it will provide some vital additional daily options for passengers and cargo under its fixed $25/one way connector bus brand.
Provisional timetable:
Coromandel-Preece Pt Airfield, 8.40am
Coromandel iSite, 8.50am
Matarangi shops, 9.20am
Kuaotunu Beach, 9.30am
Whitianga Airport, 9.50am
Whitianga iSite, 9.55am
Whitianga iSite, 1.15pm (Tu,Thu) 2.15pm (Mo, Wed, Fri)
Whitianga Airport, 1.20pm (Tu,Thu) 2.20pm (Mo, Wed, Fri)
Kuaotunu Beach, 1.40pm (Tu,Thu) 2.40pm (Mo, Wed, Fri)
Matarangi shops, 1.50pm (Tu,Thu) 2.50pm (Mo, Wed, Fri)
Coromandel iSite, 2.20pm (Tu,Thu) 3.20pm (Mo, Wed, Fri)
Coromandel-Preece Pt Airfield, 2.30pm (Tu,Thu) 3.30pm (Mo, Wed, Fri)
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