Thames Civic Centre

Event info
Date: Tuesday April 26, 2022
Time: 4:30 pm
Location: Thames Civic Centre
While the focus is human trauma, it also relates very well to horse related issues such as fears of jumping bigger, recovering after an injury, overcoming people watching you on the sidelines etc.
Amanda Wilson has been studying human trauma for seven years and is excited to share her life-changing discoveries on trauma recovery, overcoming fears, rebuilding identities, and more, in her very first public Trauma Talk.
In her talk, she will be sharing her own stories and working to redefine the way we look at trauma and how to find healing from it. This talk is suited to anyone struggling with an identity crisis, anxiety, uncontrollable emotions, depression, mental illnesses, PTSD, suicidal tendencies,
This is an opportunity not to be missed, at an introductory price of just
$60 per person with a buffet dinner included.
Please book through email as tickets are limited.
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