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Through our Facebook page, the Coromandel’s local radio station CFM has run an online survey asking “Should we move from lockdown level 4 to level 3?” There are lots of things to consider, the economy, personal wellbeing (emotional and physical) and the greater picture for New Zealand as a safe place. With Level-4 being such […]

Presenting ‘Stay’, a collaboration from Te Māngai Pāho and Loop featuring 20 of Aotearoa’s finest musicians with one clear message – stay at home to help save lives. Watch the video below… Created by over 20 artists in collaboration while in lock down, ‘Stay’ is a waiata created with one simple goal – encouraging the people of […]

Rick Rennie spoke to Steve Hart, from the Kuaotunu Community Emergency Response Team to talk about what the group does and how the lockdown restrictions are affecting their work.

The Coromandel’s CFM has finally been able to secure an interview with a spokesperson at Waikato DHB. Dr Kevin Snee speaks frankly with CFM’s Rick Rennie.

We don’t have much control over Covid-19, what we can control is whether we come out of lockdown fit or fat. CFM chats with Bill Cooksley from Sports Waikato who gives us some great tips to keep us fit.  

CFM host Rex gets answer to some very tough and too often not asked questions around family violence in New Zealand. Talking to Denise Messiter from Women’s Refuge during a period where we are forced to stay at home, but for some home ins’t safe.

The Coromandel is best known for its beautiful landscape that attracts so many tourists. Rex chats to Hadley Dryden to find out the impact covid-19 has on our tourist industry.

CFM breakfast host Rick has regular chats with MP Scott Simpson updates till 3rd of April. Covering topics from the current fire bans to added population since the lockdown in the coromandel.

It all started with a post on facebook offering up a beach batch in Tairua for local health care workers. Midwife Karen Donald answer the call and is now using the batch for work purposes, CFM host Ayana checks in on Karen.  

CFM host Rex and Psychologist Mark Skelding discuss the importance of being mindful with our mental well being during this time. Mark gives us some tips to relieve some of the stress we are all feeling.  

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