Warren Maher

By John Freer Boaties using the Tairua Harbour bar over coming weeks are advised to exercise absolute caution due to a sand build up across the entrance. A sand ridge has developed extending from the Tairua side, across to Pauanui, leaving less than 800mm of water at low tide. Subsequently, the channel has disappeared. The […]

At local election “Meet the Candidates” events the TCDC Waikato Regional Councillor Denis Tegg, who is currently campaigning for re-election, has stated on several occasions that there are no protected areas in the Waikato Regional Council’s draft Coastal Plan and has told CFM that there is no intention of these being including. This will come […]

The fishing community is up in arms over a proposal by the Waikato Regional Council that would see commercial and recreational fishing banned from extensive area around the entire Coromandel Peninsula. The draft proposal recently released by the Waikato Regional Council has several proposals and one of these is to “Prohibit Disturbance of the Seabed […]

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