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Jason Myatt

Jason Myatt

Jason’s a bit of a hermit… spending most of his days in a small dark room… he’s a voiceover guy, reading radio and tv commercials, podcasts, and these days a lot of education materials..for all over the world.

Jason gained a love for radio when he found his school had a radio station… then for a little while worked as a DJ, shortly after finding his happy place, behind the scenes, hidden away in back hallway recording rooms. After 20 years in radio in Australia, a move to the Higher Education sector took Jason on a whole new journey of Voice coaching actors, recording teaching materials…and generally bluffing his way through academia.

After a 15 year break from the radio world, the call of the Coromandel was just too much. CFM has reignited a love for community and a love for a bunch of music he’d forgotten. Jason has fallen in LOVE with the Coromandel… and other than hiding away in his little dark room, he loves spending some time playing tunes and chatting on the radio every weekday morning on CFM’s Big Breakfast.

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