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We have spoken to our mayors to gauge their rection to yesterdays budget. Hauraki District Council Mayor, Toby Adams, used the term interesting when asked to provide an overall opinion – he highlighted the tax relief saying it would assist in easing the impact of rising prices on local households. Mayor Toby also provided his […]

Ratepayers across the region, on the back on big increases from both Hauraki and Thames Coromandel District Councils, will now see their regional rates contribution jump by 7.4 percent. Like the various mayors, Waikato Regional Council Chair, Pamela Story, yesterday blamed the cost of living crisis. She said councillors worked tirelessly to construct a long […]

By John Freer Ratepayers across the Hauraki District are in for one of their biggest rates increases in recent years – 17.4 percent is the figure that Councillors have settled on. Mayor Toby Adams knew this was the biggest challenge the council faced in determining its 10-year long-term plan. The Mayor has spoken with CFM, […]

It is being labelled one of the biggest challenges faced by a council in determining its future direction and that comes from the man in charge – the Thames Coromandel District Mayor. Over the next couple of days the Mayor and Councillors will thrash out the region’s long-term plan – a few key aspects being […]

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