10am Sunday Update – Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle

Written by on February 12, 2023

Update 10:03

Mercury Bay Area School have just asked us to release this – Our kura will be closed on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th February to ensure the safety of our school community. Staff will communicate with students what learning can be continued at home. We will not be moving to online learning as we are assuming connection will be unreliable.

We will reassess on Tuesday regarding the status of the roads and staff ability to travel into Whitianga. With potential road closures we may have a challenge to staff the kura at safe levels and we may need to move some year levels to online learning. We will communicate by 4.00pm Tuesday evening with the arrangements for Wednesday and beyond.


Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle is bearing down on the Peninsula and located just South of Norfolk Island the expected track will bring it very close to the Coromandel MetService and local Civil Defence are saying be prepared for high winds and large volumes of rain, this will result in power outages and flooding and inundation in low lying areas of the Peninsula.

The TCDC Civil Defence team have recommended precautionary evacuation from names areas around the Peninsula. Details on this in an earlier post or on our Facebook page. Sandbagging in low lying areas continues and feel free to post on Facebook page or your local Facebook page if you need any help.

On that topic, well done to Creation Home Builders in Whitianga, Plumbnetix in Thames also offering help in Thames and RoofKing in Coromandel, please contact us if you have any other offers for help. If you would like to offer similar help then feel free to post in the comments on our page and we will give you a shout out as well.

Our new road page is up and running. You can go to cfm.co.nz/roads for the latest on any changes or updates on roads around the region including Hauraki District Council and TCDC. The recommendation from Civil Defence is to stay home and hunker down. Do not travel unless its essential.

If you have any updates then please contact us on our Facebook page or at [email protected] or call 07 28 00 540. These are monitored 24/7

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