Apology From Gang Leader

Written by on September 20, 2023

Gang members at the centre of the brutal incident in Coromandel have issued an apology for their actions.

The president of the North West Chapter of the Rebels gang contacted CFM today, wanting to share an apology statement with our listeners.

CFM’s Drive Host, Johnny Staiger, interviewed the gang leader who said he was a resident of the Coromandel with a property at Kennedy  Bay.

In the interview the chapter president said he was apologising on behalf of those within the chapter.

“I don’t justify any of the violence, as a Coromandel local I am saddened and I tried to stop it from happening.

“We understand and sympathise with the harm caused and as a local to Coromandel – I am deeply saddened by what our presence left.”

Open the link below to here the interview.

Reader's opinions
  1. [email protected]   On   September 22, 2023 at 5:50 am

    How pathetic!!
    These thugs parked there bikes outside 4 square on the yellow dotted lines with there bikes pointing out to the road.
    Where we were sitting on the park benches with other folk, the thugs came over & stood over us while we were having ice vream saying have you finished,we want your seat.
    We got & left and there 7 park benches & they sat in them individually.

    • Zigzag   On   November 4, 2023 at 12:16 pm

      it’s straight up PR. Also, being a resident you don’t crap where you sleep, smarter people realize this….and if you want any cooperation from a motorcycle club in the way of statements you should stop calling them a gang and start calling them a club which is what they are. you might also report on the good things they do and not just play up the bad which is probably much more occasional. If you are giving them fair play you might find yourself getting regular access because the media outlets who stories are all negative and function like the media arm of the local police sure won’t be getting any statements by request.

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