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Written by on May 28, 2020

Chance Taiaroa Wiari Haddon has the cool, the passion, and the talent to not just make great music, but to bring people together.

Chance (right) in our CFM Studio

Appearing on Episode 6 of Creative Mercury Bay’s Bubble Bites at 5:30pm this evening, he will be performing his original songs Say/Get and Life Goes On.

Rick interviewed Chance this morning in an engaging interview about his musical inspiration, Bubble Bites, and future goals.

“I’d just love to be able to create quality music, with a message, and get up and be on stage and be able to present myself, promote myself and represent L.R.H” Chance said.

L.R.H = Love, Respect, Honesty is the ethos behind Chance’s music.

Listen to the full interview that had our phones ringing with people asking for more mere minutes after it went to air:

Click to listen to more of Chance’s music on his Soundcloud and follow his progress on Facebook.

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  1. Koko and ma   On   May 28, 2020 at 10:31 pm

    Hi my moko so proud of you follow you vsion and hart with your music theres and old saying your grate grand father told me wen i was your age moko he said son follow your step and theres no ending to the road you follow step back and you follow some one elses i no your road will take you far will done lov you moko koko and ma xxx

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