Thames Fuel Prices Cost Drivers an Additional $350 Annually

Written by on July 7, 2024

In our campaign on the cost of fuel across the region, CFM can today reveal that annually, Thames residents and businesses pay $350 more when buying fuel in their town against purchasing at Tapu, Hikuai and Whangamata.

A review on annual fuel comparisons across the district, using price disrupters Waitomo as the base, for a person who owns a medium sized vehicle, Thames pays the highest prices, Coromandel Town is next at $236, Waihi at $177, Paeroa $129 and Whitianga $72. You can see the graphic below.

How much is it costing to have some of the highest fuel prices in the North Island and New Zealand

As promised here is our update showing how much extra you are paying for 91 petrol for a medium size car if you fill up locally compared to the best prices currently offered by Waitomo in Tapu, Hikuai and Whangamata.

These prices are nothing special either, BP are offering 265.9 at Whitiora in Hamilton, Caltex in Epsom is selling 91 at 257.7 Gull Hewlett’s is down to 260.7 in Tauranga, Mobil in Rotorua are at 264.9 and even in Taupo, Mobil are offering a 91 at the pump price of 275.9. A mouth watering 24c per litre different to the pump price in Thames. Even Mobil New Plymouth is 269.9. Enough is enough. To add further insult to injury – Mobil Tahunanui in Nelson 91 Octane price 258.9.

Locals are travelling out of town to fill up and incurring extra cost to drive to locations such as Ngatea where pump prices are far more favourable.

Mobil, Gull and BP – Your customers are not happy with your prices. Here are some of their comments – “I’m very keen to know BP’s excuse for being the most expensive “actually they are equal with Mobil Thames and Mobil Kopu. Also “Paeroa just as bad too, cheaper in Ngatea, Cambridge and Auckland”. Just go to our Facebook page and read the comments. Fed up is an understatement.

We want to hear from the fuel brands and their local franchise owners. Why are you selling fuel at such a higher margin than other places in New Zealand? Contact us we would love to hear the full story behind this.

All our information is based on Gaspy App prices and is updated daily to reflect any changes. A message to local fuel retailers, if you decide to lower prices we will announce this free of charge to our listeners and post to our 25,000 followers.

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  1. Doug Irwin   On   July 9, 2024 at 4:27 pm

    As an ex service station operator, my estimate is their margin is about 75c a litre. Self service. Driveway staff gone now. A huge profit margin considering the volume pumped.

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