SH25 Between Opotuere and Hikuai Reopens To Light Traffic

Written by on March 6, 2023

State Highway 25 is now open to light traffic and only under traffic management following an earlier closure today due to an extensive under-slip  between Whangamata and Hikuai.

With more than 80mm of rain overnight the road let go with what has been described as a significant slip.

It remained closed until mid-afternoon while engineers investigated the areas.

Thames Coromandel’s Civil Defence Controller Garry Towler said the road closure had cut off the peninsula’s eastern seaboard including Whitianga, Taiura and Pauanui, leaving access only through the Thames Coast Road.

He said engineers were aware of the importance of the road and would endeavour to get one lane open as soon as possible. This would not happen until a full assessment had been undertaken which he believed would take most of the day.

Meanwhile a number of houses experienced water inundation in Whangamata’s Chartwell area last night. No evacuations were required, the Whangamata Fire Service was required to answer seven calls.

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Reader's opinions
  1. David Yeomans   On   March 9, 2023 at 10:05 am

    Coromandel Peninsula’s Love Affair with Roads.
    Cyclone Gabrielle certain was a wake call for everybody and what a way to introduce the peninsula people to our new love affair – roadways! As the recovery activity progresses it is time for all us to learn the language of road making. It is in our interest to become “arm-chair warriors” on what should be done, could be done, must be done – simply because our way of life depends upon having roading construction knowledge.
    The New Zealand Forest Road Engineering Manual 2020 is not a bad place to start to the learn the language and understand the methodology of good roading construction practices.
    Downloadable PDF
    It is with this knowledge you will begin to understand the workload of our Emergency Recovery Teams and the wonderful outcomes they have produced thus far.
    So when you next meet a roadway recovery team do the KIWI thing a thumbs up 👍 and thank you!

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