TCDC Civil Defence Controller Gary Towler talked to CFM post-earthquake this morning. He said if the earthquake had been closer and larger along the Tonga Kermadec Trench then we have possibly minutes before a tsunami hits the Coromandel Peninsula. Towler said that if there was an imminent tsunami threat, Civil Defence can activate the 30 […]

A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit the Kermadec Trench just south of the Kermadec Islands at 12:49am this morning. This is the second earthquake this week in the area, with a 5.1 magnitude in the Bay of Plenty on Tuesday morning. Rick chatted to GNS Seismologist John Ristau on the CFM Breakfast show about whether it […]

“Everyone is rock and rolling for the weekend!” Anne Louden  said to Ayana this afternoon. The weather may not be playing ball for the long weekend, but Coromandel Town is ready for the visitors with cars already pouring in. “The town is looking so cute at the moment, we have our sexy little round about… […]

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