By John Freer There is no timeframe or goal to get the closed Cathedral Cove tourist and visitor destination reopened to walkers. This from the Department of Conservations Regional Director, Tinaka Mearns, who recently spoke with CFM. Tinaka maintains that 100 percent of the walking track is at risk and DOC was dealing with complex […]

By John Freer Meeting the challenges facing the Coromandel electorate are aligned to the issues facing the country – this from the re-elected Member of Parliament, National’s Scott Simpson. After a close battle in 2020, Simpson on Saturday swept all challenges aside grabbing 20,950 votes of the 38,184 cast. There were 54,738 registered to vote […]

Waking up today Coromandel had a member of parliament who is again part of a new Government. National’s Scott Simpson, returned to parliament with a massive 14,596 vote majority. Scott has told CFM that he was excited by the opportunity to be part of a new government that will bring positive change. He was grateful […]

It is election day tomorrow and those standing for the Coromandel electorate have had the opportunity for a final say at the end of their respective campaigns. The messages have been aired on the Fabian Roberts 100 percent Breakfast Programme, you can listen to them by opening the link below. There will be 54 polling […]

He has held the seat since 2011, now Scott Simpson wants to continue as the Coromandel electorate candidate while seeing a change of Government. Scott was asked if this election campaign was any different to others he has contested which, he said, it was. The cost of living, he says, is the absolute fundamental issue […]

By John Freer A brutal beating involving some 30 members of the Rebels gang on the streets of Coromandel Town has appalled and upset local residents. The incident, caught on video and circulated on social media, shows a graphic image of a man being smashed in the side of the head by an extremely forceful […]

A strong earthquake occurred at 5:39AM on Wednesday 4 January, 5km south of Te Aroha, making for a shaky start to the year for residents and holidaymakers at the top of the north. GNS Science received over 20,000 felt reports from the M5.1 quake which was preceded by a M3.9 five days before and followed by […]

The new Thames Coromandel District Council is being asked to unlock a further half a million dollars for the proposed Tairua Skateboard Park

Happy World Orca Day! Dr. Ingrid Visser is a one of a kind scientist - she's the founder of World Orca Day and of the Orca Research Trust the only research project dedicated to orcas in the South Pacific. July 14, is World Orca Day and in Dr Ingrid's words "it's a celebration of how [...]

This opinion piece has been written by Derrick Paull. He’s a former magazine writer and editor, Amateur Fishing guru and BBQ Pitmaster and on the executive committee of the New Zealand Angling & Casting Association. Listen to an interview aired on Coromandel’s CFM on Thursday July 14th with Derrick:  We live in a world […]

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