By John Freer Local Coromandel Member of Parliament, Scott Simpson, heads back to Wellington this week as part of the Government, six years after sitting in the wilderness of the opposition. He told CFM he is excited and enthusiastic about being a member of government under the leadership of Christopher Luxon. We interviewed Scott covering […]

By John Freer Meeting the challenges facing the Coromandel electorate are aligned to the issues facing the country – this from the re-elected Member of Parliament, National’s Scott Simpson. After a close battle in 2020, Simpson on Saturday swept all challenges aside grabbing 20,950 votes of the 38,184 cast. There were 54,738 registered to vote […]

Waking up today Coromandel had a member of parliament who is again part of a new Government. National’s Scott Simpson, returned to parliament with a massive 14,596 vote majority. Scott has told CFM that he was excited by the opportunity to be part of a new government that will bring positive change. He was grateful […]

It is election day tomorrow and those standing for the Coromandel electorate have had the opportunity for a final say at the end of their respective campaigns. The messages have been aired on the Fabian Roberts 100 percent Breakfast Programme, you can listen to them by opening the link below. There will be 54 polling […]

He has held the seat since 2011, now Scott Simpson wants to continue as the Coromandel electorate candidate while seeing a change of Government. Scott was asked if this election campaign was any different to others he has contested which, he said, it was. The cost of living, he says, is the absolute fundamental issue […]

As people think about potentially voting early, with polls now open, the CFM survey conducted last week has National leading the race with 28 percent of the Coromandel electorate party vote, ACT being 11 percent behind. Our survey has National dropping 7 percent on the last election result, Labour has fallen from 29 percent to […]

By John Freer As both a Matamata Piako District Councillor and the New Zealand First candidate for Coromandel Peninsula, Caleb Ansell has not held back in his attack on Government actions covering rubbish collections to roads. He is the latest of our CFM Coromandel electorate candidate interviews for the coming election. Open the link below […]

By John Freer He describes the party he is representing in the coming election as a movement – this is Ray Cobb who is the New Zealand Loyal candidate for Coromandel. Living on the electorate’s southern boundary he grew up in Thames and maintains close ties with the region. Ray uses the Coromandel roading situation […]

As the general election looms, CFM interviews the second of the candidates standing for the Coromandel electorate, Katikati Kiwifruit Orchardist, Joanna Verburg. Joanna is the ACT candidate and has hit the ground running taking up the challenge a little over two weeks ago. Listen to our interview with Joanna by clicking on the link below.

Scott Simpson’s seat looks safe with a continued strong lead for the electorate seat in the August CFM poll. Scott is enjoying a clear lead with 49.8% support down from 65.3% in the July poll. This will be welcome news for Scott who at the recently announced Party List ranking will be relying on winning […]

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