It is official that Thames enjoys the most expensive fuel in the country. An investigation by CFM using Mobil or BP fuel outlets across the country and the fuel app Gaspy, comparisons revealed Thames was the most expensive at $296.9 the closest being Mobil Wellington at $283.9. The sample was taken on Sunday at 1pm. […]

As people think about potentially voting early, with polls now open, the CFM survey conducted last week has National leading the race with 28 percent of the Coromandel electorate party vote, ACT being 11 percent behind. Our survey has National dropping 7 percent on the last election result, Labour has fallen from 29 percent to […]

By John Freer Firstly, CFM wants to say thanks to the 400 people who completed our survey on Cyclone Gabrielle impact. The results have provided excellent incites, including the very important feedback on our performance as your local information source during those extreme challenges experienced across the region. Besides ensuring that our audiences are entertained, […]

By John Freer CFM’s survey on Cyclone Gabrielle reveals 85 percent of those who took part, had their access impacted by the cyclone and its aftermath. Run over the past week, the survey attracted 400 respondents. Several questions were asked relating to personal impact, communications, roading impacts and the effect on business. During this week […]

Go here to complete the survey  Today we are launching a survey on the impacts for individuals and businesses from the summer of adverse weather. It covers, impacts, communications, roading, business support and more. The The survey goes beyond just impacts and also looks at how well you believe you were kept up to date […]

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