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Conservation Minister Tama Potaka has made the reinstatement of the walking access to Coromandel’s Cathedral Cove/Te Whanganui-a-Hei before next summer a priority. The track to the famous beach – renowned for its natural rock arch feature – was severely damaged by extreme weather events in January and February 2023. The Department of Conservation (DOC) staff […]

by John Grant What a gigantic week of news. We may only have around 30,000 permanent residents but we bat equal to other districts 2 or 3 times our size. It’s been such a week, news-wise, both good and some not so good news. First up was the news from the Hamilton Courts of the […]

Cathedral Cove Scenic Cruises operator, Ken Hindmarsh says the current level of information from DOC on the reinstatement of walkways to access Cathedral cove is extremely poor. He told CFM that “They appear to be hiding behind health and safety as a reason not to get on with it. There is no communication regarding the […]

Iconic Coromandel visitor spot Cathedral Cove has been temporarily closed to the public due to an ongoing landslip and rockfall risk. You are still able to access the site by boat with a number of services still operating to the iconic tourist attraction. Department of Conservation Coromandel Operations Manager Nick Kelly says a large landslip […]

The wave of anger and concern caused by the recent sperm whale beaching at Wharekaho (Simpsons Beach) in Mercury Bay, may have subsided with Friday’s burying of the 40-tonne mammal. The only signs evident yesterday were a couple of strops used by diggers to hide the remains of the whale carcass. Local residents are still […]

The Department of Conservation is seeking feedback on Government proposals for increased marine protection of the Hauraki Gulf extending around the Coromandel to include areas such as the Alderman Islands, Cape Colville and extending the current marine reserve around the Cathedral Cove area. The justification for this has been reports illustrating that the Gulf is […]

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