Team Members

Rob cut his broadcasting teeth on community based, regional radio in Central Otago back in the 80s. After nearly two decades as a ‘nationwide’ announcer he's stoked to be back doing local radio.

Fabian is a local musician/teacher who has turned back to Radio after some time away. He has grown up on Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen and Billy Joel and often sings along to songs in the studio. Fabian is married to a wonderful woman with two beautiful children living right here in the Coromandel. His passions are playing and watching cricket, playing piano around the community and attending fun local events all around the Coromandel Peninsula. His dislikes include writing blurbs about himself and speaking in the 3rd person. Critics of Fabian say this could be viewed as ironic given his chosen career pathway… they might have a point there… maybe he should rethink… anyway! Listen in during the Breakfast show from 6am during the week where Fabian talks to locals like you! Right here on Coromandels CFM.

Catch Alex in the wee small hours when most everyone is asleep, and on Friday nights for CFM's 80's Show.

Johnny's in every afternoon to ease you out of work and into the rest of your day with great music, local info and some random fun & games.

Saturday Mornings with Michelle Johns.

Weekend mornings with Sam... our resident tech guru!

Jude Gordon is a true local and is back on the air after 10 years.

When you tune to CFM, and your radio lights up with sound, that’s down to Marcus!

Bronny's move here is the best decision she's made in life.

Jason gained a love for radio when he found his school had a radio station… then for a little while worked as a DJ, shortly after finding his happy place, behind the scenes, hidden away in back hallway recording rooms.

Kieron’s a music NUT, and that’s about all you need to know about him.

Rob Walker presents the Retro Weekly Top 40 Countdown every Sunday night at teatime.

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