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CFM breakfast host Rick has regular chats with MP Scott Simpson updates till 3rd of April. Covering topics from the current fire bans to added population since the lockdown in the coromandel.

It all started with a post on facebook offering up a beach batch in Tairua for local health care workers. Midwife Karen Donald answer the call and is now using the batch for work purposes, CFM host Ayana checks in on Karen.  

CFM host Rex and Psychologist Mark Skelding discuss the importance of being mindful with our mental well being during this time. Mark gives us some tips to relieve some of the stress we are all feeling.  

Farmers are not only dealing with the impact from Covid-19 but also the summer drought that is dragging on. CFM host Rex talks to Ian Handcock about the green drought and more.  

Find out how the Hauraki council is coping as Rex chats with Hauraki Mayor Toby Adams. Being faced with Covid-19 on his first term Toby has a tough road ahead, but him and his very supportive team are up for the challenge.  

During these tough times being kind to each other is important but we can’t forget to be kind to our furry little friends as well. CFM Host Rick chats with Roz Alsford from the SPCA in Thames.

Breakfast host Rick manages to steal some time from Kerry Stanley who is the owner of New World Whitianga. Coronavirus has shook the grocery industry so how is Whitianga New World handling it all?

Rex is back on your radio and this time he is talking to MP Scott Simpson, they look at what may happen once New Zealand comes out of lockdown and loads more.

Jennifer Yates used to call Whitianga home but moved to Canada back in 2017. CFM’s Breakfast host Rick takes a walk in Jennifer shoes of living in vancouver Canada during the lockdown.

CFM’s afternoon host Ayana catches up with Krystal Sims, who takes us though the day to day life of what its like to currently be a nurse in Thames.  

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