Come on Coromandel we can claim a piece of this. Andrew an ex Colville Primary and Coromandel Area School student and Coromandel Swimming Club member achieved the ultimate with a gold medal in the 50m backstroke in Birmingham today. He’s now swimming with the Pukekohe Swimming Club but we can all share in the success […]

Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club member, and organiser of the Kubota Billfish Classic, Tom Maxwell , showed his frustration in a Facebook post yesterday that he titled ‘Cancel Culture Gone Mad’ after the Mercury Bay Area School decided against participating in a $2500 scholarship. The prize money to be spent on University costs, or for […]

Kaitlyn Russel from Thames Valley Rugby joins Rick Rennie on the CFM Breakfast show on Friday 28 May, talking about this weekend's fixtures, and the ongoing need for new Referees to step up and help guide the game. Listen here:

20 year old Matarangi swimmer, Ella Tomkins, was awarded Freshman Of The Year after a very successful first year at McDaniel College, Maryland, USA. Ayana caught up with Ella today about how COVID has impacted her, what US college life is like, and the hardest part of it all. Ella said it is really busy […]

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