Tuia – Encounters 250 Street Art Festival


Event info
Date: Monday March 4, 2019
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Whitianga
Phone: Jane Parson Mobile: 021 228 6644

The Tuia 250 Street Art Festival will take place in Whitianga during 4 to 8 March between the annual Art Escape Open Studio weekends. Mercury Bay Art Escape has organised this festival specifically to highlight the national Tuia – Encounters 250 commemorations. Te Whanganui a Hei (Mercury Bay) has great seafaring significance as this is where the great navigator Kupe visited many centuries ago and in 1769 was one of four landing sites for Cook’s ship The Endeavour.

This exciting free event will allow visitors to see local and internationally recognised street artists create 12 murals on walls in the Whitianga central business area. The festival will involve Mercury Bay Art Escape artists including their patron Artist Michael Smither and popular street artists from the Coromandel, Auckland and Hamilton together with internationally renowned street artists Charles & Janine Williams, and Flox & TrustMe.

The theme of each mural will depict either navigation or relate to the First Encounters coming together of Maori and European in Te Whanganui a Hei (Mercury Bay).

List of Artists – Tuia 250 Whitianga Street Art Festival:

Mercury Bay Art Escape (MBAE):

Michael D Smither (CNZM, MBAE Patron Artist)

Peter Nicholson (Whitianga Art Group)

Monique Rush (Whitianga based MBAE member)

Anne Bowden (Whitianga based MBAE member)

Dave Fowell (MBAE founding artist)


Catlin Moloney


Charles and Janine Williams (pictured mural)

Flox X TrustMe Collaboration


Pauly B

Located amongst the Whitianga central business district- there is a free guide leaflet giving details of the art walk during the festival available from the Art Escape website, the Whitianga i-site and many retailers in Whitianga.

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