Bivouac Outdoors Whangamata Adventure Race

Whangamata Ridges MTB Park

Event info
Date:Saturday August 7, 2021
Time:9:00 am
Location:Whangamata Ridges MTB Park
Phone:Bex 027 562 6047

Adventure Racing is an exciting & challenging team sport. It involves travelling on foot and by mountain bike to collect checkpoints marked on a map. The course will take teams on an exciting, cross country adventure through native bush, streams, farmland trails and forestry. The course will be kept secret until the day of the race and you will receive your maps before race start so you can plan your strategy and route choice.
The Whangamata Adventure Race is part of the Adventure 1 series in New Zealand that brings together 5 events around the country to form a National Championships. The 12hr event is part of the A1 series.

The MTB course will utilise the awesome tracks of the Whangamata Ridges MTB park. As a general rule you will ride up forestry roads and ride down single track. There will be a variety of tracks for all ability levels. You will receive a MTB Park map as well as the navigation map. Good planning will be essential for the MTB stage as most of the tracks are 1-way. The Foot course will be a great adventure. It will utilise the surrounding forestry, native bush and farmland (and a little bit of swampland for the super keen). It also includes visiting the summit of a unique Whangamata mountain which most people have never been to!

Spots are limited- places in this race the last two years have sold out very quickly.

Mountain biking – the mountain biking will take place on forestry roads, gravel roads and farm land. There’s not much flat land around Whangamata so be prepared for some steep hills, up and down!

Trekking – the trekking will be a mixture of trails, streams, native bush and forestry.

Navigation – a key part of the race is navigating to the checkpoints using map and compass. No GPS allowed. Maps are provided and are generally 1:25000 topographical style maps. The 6hr race will be beginner – intermediate level with some optional checkpoints being trickier to navigate to. The 12hr event will feature challenging off track bush navigation. Be prepared to use your compass and traverse some tricky terrain.

Kayaking – There is a kayak option for the 12hr race. The kayak will be on the open ocean and you must be competent kayaking in swell, wind, chop and tidal currents. Single and double kayaks are allowed. Ensure you are confident handling your kayak in open ocean conditions.

Admin and entry inquiries – contact Bex – [email protected] – 027 562 6047
Race inquiries – contact Ryan – [email protected] – 027 428 7258

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