Coromandel and all of New Zealand to Red Traffic Light from Midnight Tonight

Written by on January 23, 2022

Update 11:50am

Jacinda Ardern stated at the press conference  “the whole New Zealand will move into the sitting of the traffic light system at 11:59pm tonight. She said “the evidence from overseas is that boosters significantly reduced the likelihood of getting sick and needing to go to hospital. It also helps to reduce the transmission of the virus. “The evidence from overseas suggests that [Omicron] moves very quickly. We know it’s already in both the North and South Islands, and that cases had been on a number of flights.”


The Ministry of Health website is showing that all of New Zealand is to move to red on the traffic light systems from midnight tonight.

Nine of the cases in Nelson in a single family that had been to Auckland to attend a wedding where at least 100 attendees had tested positive for Covid-19 Omicron.

The view is that Omicron is now circulating in the community.

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