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The cases in the small rural areas of North Waikato have raised many questions as to how a remand prisoner from Auckland’s Mt Eden prison could be allowed to travel across the border from Level 4 to Level 2 in the middle of a pandemic lockdown.

Epidemiologist Michael Baker said on TVNZ’s Breakfast show this morning that the new positive cases were “very frustrating” and that it complicates the decision that the government will have to make today regarding a change of levels.

Most specialists seem to be swaying around Auckland either staying on Level 4 for another week or possibly coming down to level 3 but the sting now is the likelihood that Waikato or at least norther parts of the Waikato moving up levels to join Auckland.

Michael Baker is one of those who believes officials may also now look to move Waikato to the higher level with Auckland.

Allan Sanson, Waikato’s district mayor said, “It’s a bugger all right” and went on to say on TVNZ that it was very disappointing for the communities in around the Managangi area of Northern Waikato and “my heart just sunk, it was very disappointing for them”.

He had been notified on Sunday afternoon and said that although the communities were very small, he expected that the virus had spread. He added that he would be contacting the Prime Minister’s office today for an explanation of how a remand prisoner was able to travel across the border, “How the heck did they ever remand somebody into the Waikato out of Auckland – I cannot believe that”.

Sanson went on to say that he felt for the family involved and that it wasn’t their fault, that it was the fault of the organisation who put the prisoner in the situation where he could potentially contaminate a couple of communities.

The school will be closed today for cleaning and that locals of Kaiaua, Mangatangi, Miranda and Whakatiwai are being encouraged to have a Covid test. A pop-up testing centre will be set up today at the Wharekawa Marae in Whakatīwai.

Reader's opinions
  1. Ruth Porter   On   September 20, 2021 at 9:20 am

    I live in Thames and met people who came down for a 4 day stay from Auckland while we were level 3 and nearly everyone I know here have met or heard of others being here from Auckland. The boarder is not secure and I am waiting for the day that we can actually be and feel safe about our so called boarder. Much to easy to get here. About corrections, if it’s true they sent that prisoner to the Waikato then I am astounded at their stupidity.

  2. Gina Hurlock   On   September 20, 2021 at 11:18 am

    It’s absolutely outrageous how the authorities that be allowed this to happen Whoever endorsed this action should be rakes over the friggin coals and sacked at least. It’s so discouraging for all kiwis who are following the rules of lockdown for the greater good of our country & then some top notch f**k knuckle permits this sort of stupid shit to happen & set us all back. Someone needs to be held responsible for this action
    Who is the ignorant pr**k that gave this the go ahead????????

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