From Whitianga to Saving Animals in Bali

Written by on December 8, 2023

Kelly Austin has this thing that whenever she sees a person or animal in need, then she has to help.

For the former Whitianga resident who now lives in Bali, this approach to life has led to the establishment of a pet rescue facility in her adopted homeland.

Women’s Day has now captured and told Kelly’s story. The Undateable Bali Dogs is responsible for saving many dogs, all with the help of Kelly’s friends both in Bali and back home.

As Kelly says in the story: “Whenever I see anyone in need, a person or an animal, I cannot turn a blind eye.”

She didn’t set out  to start an animal charity and Kelly does not call herself a dog rescuer, but if anyone needs help then she is there. When she saw the need to save the dogs, Kelly put out a call to a Kiwi friend and The Undateable Bali Dogs went from there.

Kelly moved to Bali with her husband Tony in 2015. She still has a business interest in Whitianga. You can read the story below or in Women’s Day.

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