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TCDC is scheduled to discuss the controversial Three Waters Proposal at its Council meeting tomorrow. Candidate for the TCDC Mayoralty, John Freer has today issued a media release saying that the Council should reject the Three Waters Reform because of a lack of information available and Mayor Sandra Goudie has come out in support of Freer.

Goudie referred to the proposal as a “Buggers Muddle” and said tomorrow’s discussion should be interesting.   Mayor Goudie has already stated that water for many was the number one priority. This was in reference to recent consultation and feedback received from the Long Term Planning process.

Councils throughout New Zealand have been asked to confirm support but a number have indicated that they are more likely to opt out of the proposal. A position that may force the Government to force councils support through legislation.

In his release today John Freer said, “In its promotional spin Government’s states it aims at removing drinking water, storm water and waste water management and control from local councils and passing it over to what it describes as ‘community it serves’ entities being four new publicly-owned multi-regional entities ‘that benefit from scale and operational efficiencies and reflect neighbouring catchments and communities of interest.

“That in itself is very scary because we have many examples of other Government delivery models which are simply not working – do we believe such a model can ensure us that when we turn on our taps our water will match current standards, or when we flush our toilets, the waste will be processed in a manner that is acceptable to the residents of our region?”

Freer said our Council had to send a clear message to Government on behalf of our residents that it will not support this project as it currently stands. He is advocating for more information and public consultation on the subject and in this he has the support of Mayor Goudie.

Both spoke to Rex Simpson on ‘Our Coromandel’ this morning and their interviews can be heard here.

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