Water Water Everywhere – And He Loves It

Written by on June 14, 2023

By John Freer

In the past 12-months areas on the Coromandel Peninsula have experienced rainfall levels which match the West Coast of the South Island.

Nearly seven metres of rain has been recorded at The Pinnacles above the Kauaeranga Valley. Senior Water Scientist with the Waikato Regional Council, Bevan Jenkins, counters this by telling us since 2008, the region has experienced six of its seventh driest years on record.

The question is what the impact of this water is and what should we be aware of heading through winter. Bevan does have some good news due to a change in weather patterns.

He also tells us that with lawns sodden and rivers high, people need to be aware of their surrounds and keep an eye on what’s coming.

Coromandel Peninsula has flash rivers which rise quickly and cause slips – currently the effects of these being so evident. Across the Hauraki Plains, you have the bigger spring-fed systems which Bevan says will take time to come back down to normal levels.

For a Water Scientist, the situation does provide interest – in Bevan’s words: “Its interesting to get a handle on what is happening. (Then) trying to put into context and what we may be getting next.”

Open the link below to hear from Waikato Regional Council Senior Water Scientist, Bevan Jenkins.

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