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Steve Hart is not an uncommon name so it’s no surprise to have two Steve Harts (at least) on the Coromandel. What is probably unique is that they are two very different people and one of them Steve Hart from Kuaotunu wants to make it clear that he’s not the Steve Hart who is from Hikutaia and a candidate in this years Mayoral race for TCDC.

Steve Hart From Kuaotunu

The Steve Hart from Kuaotunu said that this is not the first time that confusion has happened over his name and he wants to be clear that he is not the Steve Hart with mayoral aspirations in the local body elections. He says “there has been a significant conflict with Steve Hart of the Thames Coast & myself as I have a high local profile in the Mercury Bay area through my community involvements with Kuaotunu Land SAR, Kuaotunu Emergency Support Group and having previously worked for TCDC as a Compliance Team Leader”.

He added that he was messaged by another media production company inviting him to an interview as they thought he was the one standing for Mayor, a TCDC councillor contacted him last week and other Mayoral candidates thought that he was also running for Mayor.

Steve Hart – Mayoral Candidate from Hikutaia

Yesterday, Facebook page “Whiti Real Chat” blocked Steve Hart the mayoral candidate for what the site administrator described as breach of the site rules.

Thomas Everth told CFM “There has been a history of conspiracy ideas. In the light of the VVF activism and because I simply don’t have the energy or time to engage in dialogue setting nonsense right, I have decided to keep conspiracy ideologues out of the group.”  CFM asked Thomas for evidence of these conspiracy theories on their site and asked him if this was an example of  censorship as none of his posts found on the Whiti Real Chat site met the description of being conspiracy theories.

However, a review of the Mayoral candidates personal Facebook page does include many posts with fact checked messages regarding what many would describe as conspiracy theories.


CFM contacted Steve Hart Mayoral candidate and asked him three questions;

  1. Are you in anyway associated with or support ‘Voices For Freedom’ or VFF?
  2. How do you feel about the way Whiti Real Chat treated you?
  3. Have you been treated in a similar way by any other sites in NZ?

He responded by saying that he enjoys a healthy conversation and debate on any subject adding it was a pity a lot of such has been shut down and then added that it was soon to become illegal perhaps? He then made reference to a frank honest and perhaps blunt chat soon. He would not answer the specific questions that we raised.

CFM will be interviewing all Mayoral candidates and some of these will be paid advertorial’s and additionally we will be interviewing all candidates as a non-paid interview. We have published this story to clarify the position of Steve Hart from Kuaotunu, to help with the identity conflict and additionally to raise the issue of Whiti Real Chat blocking posts from a Mayoral candidate.


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