Some tips for a Safer Coromandel Holiday from Coromandel’s CFM

Written by on December 29, 2023

The following is reproduced from NZTA’s website on tips to make your holiday on the Coromandel a little safer.

Summer means trips to the beach, festivals, parties and to BBQs with family and friends. It’s also a busy time on our roads. Look after yourself and your mates so everyone can get to where they’re going safely. Make sure everyone wears a seatbelt, doesn’t drink or do drugs and then drive, stays off their phone, and drives to the speed limit and conditions. It’s also a good idea to plan ahead and make sure your driver is rested before setting off. Keep yourself safe and call out your mate’s behaviour if you see them taking risks.

Make it click – wear your seatbelt

Seatbelts save lives. They support you in a crash or when a vehicle stops suddenly. Make sure everyone buckles up before you start your journey.

Drive alcohol and drug-free

If you and your mates plan on drinking or taking drugs, plan not to drive — use public transport, call for a ride, or crash on your mate’s couch. There are legal limits for blood-alcohol levels when driving depending on your age, but the safest option is to drive sober and drug-free. If you’ve been drinking or taking drugs the night before you set off, you may still have the effects in your body. If you’re unsure or still feel affected, rest up before driving, share the driving or use public transport or taxis.

Limits for blood-alcohol levels

Don’t phone and drive – chill and survive

Driving requires your full attention and your phone screen ain’t the windscreen, so if you’re driving, don’t use your phone. The safest option is to set it to do not disturb and put it away. If you need to use your phone for directions, plan your journey before you set off. When you need to check directions pull over in a safe place to check, or if someone’s in the car with you, have them give you directions.

Don’t speed – the beach ain’t going nowhere

Travel at a safe speed whenever you drive. This means following the speed limit and adjusting your speed to the road, traffic or weather conditions. In summer, there are more roadworks meaning more traffic as well as temporary speed limits.

Plan ahead

Before you head off on your roadie, check our journey planner for up-to-date travel information and journey times.

Journey Planner(external link)

This summer roadworkers are out across the country making improvements. Expect delays and allow extra time before you travel. Road workers are out in all weather and do their best to keep everyone moving. Be tolerant and respectful of all crew members and follow any instructions on site. They’re helping to keep you safe.

Drive rested

Make sure you’re well rested so you’re alert. If you’re on a long roadie include rest beaks every couple of hours and share the driving.

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