Initial Election Year Poll Has One or Two Surprises

Written by on July 20, 2023

The first of the CFM political polls closed last night and we have the results for you. If you are from the right of the political fence then there is good news in this poll with a clear preference at both the electoral and party vote level. Also, some encouraging news for the Greens but there is no good news for Labour supporters from this poll. It shows the Labour support in this early poll to have fallen away to a level below their 2017 level and well below the last election in 2020.

The Poll was run from Sunday afternoon through to Wednesday evening this week and used our Facebook page to gain voters preferences. It would accept only one vote for each IP address and we did ask for the age and location of those completing the poll. We had 148 responses.

Electoral Vote

Scott Simpson was a clear favourite and according to the poll will be reelected as the next Coromandel Member of Parliament. In 2020 Scott Simpson defeated Labour’s Nataniel Blomfield with 44.8% of the vote. The Labour candidate had 37.5% share of vote and was followed by the Green candidate and ACT. The Labour vote in the Poll has been decimated with the new Labour candidate Beryl Riley coming in third position with just 8.4% support. The Green Party hold second place with 9.1% of the vote.


Party Vote

In 2020 National received 32.5% of the party vote and Labour received the most party votes with 43.2%. The Greens came in third with 5.58%. The Labour Party vote has crashed in this Poll with only 16.1% saying they would vote for Labour in the Party vote. The big surprise is that ACT has recorded 36.4% of votes in our Poll and National 31.5%. The Greens have also dropped to just 2.8% share of the party vote.




CFM intend to hold these polls on a monthly basis leading up to the election on 15 October.





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