Road and Weather Update Sunday Morning

Written by on February 12, 2023

Road and Weather Update Sunday


Our first post and update on weather and roading conditions for Severe Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle now a category 2 Cyclone and soon to be ex-tropical cyclone as it moves further south.

We had some intense peaks of rain overnight. A personal weather station in Thames recorded over 32.3mm of rain from midnight and a short burst intensity equivalent to nearly 40mm per hour at around 5am this morning. Ind gusts recorded around the Coromandel are showing 120kn/h recorded on McBeth Rd and lower coastal areas around 45km/h.

Most rain has so far fallen on the West Coast but it’s steady now across most of the Peninsula. The Pinnacles have recorded 39mm of rain to 4am but expect to see that jump as the day continues. There is no current issues with river levels. The Kauaeranga River now showing increased flows at 6.5m at 6:15am up 20mm /h flow in the last recording at 6:15am.

The TCDC Civil Defence team have recommended precautionary evacuation from names areas around the Peninsula. Details on this in an earlier post or on our Facebook page. Sandbagging in low lying areas continues and feel free to post on Facebook page or your local Facebook page if you need any help.

On that topic, well done to Creation Home Builders in Whitianga who posted that they are available 24/7 to anyone needing immediate help with any storm related damage to houses. If you would like to offer similar help then feel free to post in the comments on our page and we will give you a shout out as well.

Fire and Emergency have additional crews positioned around the Coromandel to help where needed. In an emergency call 111.

Our new road page is up and running. You can go to for the latest on any changes or updates on roads around the region including Hauraki District Council and TCDC. The recommendation from Civil Defence is to stay home and hunker down. Do not travel unless it’s essential.

If you have any updates, then please contact us on our Facebook page or at [email protected] or call 07 28 00 540. These are monitored 24/7.

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