Sand Harvest to Clear Bar

Written by on December 9, 2022

By John Freer

Removing the sand build-up on the Tairua Harbour bar could eliminate the current boating accident risk while also achieving positive outcomes for the construction industry.

The bar risk for boaties was raised last week by Tairua Pauanui Fishing Club president, Warren Maher, after he was photographed standing on the bar at low tide in approximately 650mm of water.

Warren immediately sounded the alarm and issued a warning to all boaties to exercise extreme caution when crossing the bar.

“In fact, I would not cross the bar at low tide,” said the long-time local boatie who is also the Waikato Regional Councillor for the region.

Taking action to harvest the sand and therefore remove the potential risk, is something Warren and local Tairua contractor, Storm Waters, agree on.

Storm has confirmed that sand removed from the bar would have several uses across the Tairua/Pauanui region.

“There is a very good resource sitting there, 100 percent use,” was how he described the usage options.

“As a contractor, I can use it. I am aware of large quantities that are going to be required for waterways works, and I know that council has uses for the sand.

“The two councils (Thames Coromandel District Council and Waikato Regional Council) should be able to work together to make this happen,” said Storm.

“You will be able to make money and you will have a potential clean and safe bar.”

Both men agreed that for too long achieving the appropriate consents had placed the option in everyone’s too hard basket.

Now they were urging those with the ability to do so, to reopen discussions and endeavour to find a way to clear the bar while providing an end use for the sand.



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  1. David Yeomans   On   January 9, 2023 at 8:08 am

    Folks concerned with the ever-increasing sedimentation/shoaling of the Tairua Harbour should read the thesis identified below. Made available in 2014 the thesis provides a prediction of the harbour experience of today.
    Hydrodynamic and sediment transport numerical modelling and applications at Tairua Estuary, New Zealand (

    The recent identification of $300 Million NZD allocation for the restoration of the Kaipara Harbour begs the question what can done for the Tairua Harbour?
    The continued use of the “lift & drift” to maintain navigable channels is not a long term option and other methods need to be considered.

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