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Thames Coromandel is potentially heading into uncharted territory unless vaccination rates can lift and lift quickly. The Peninsula is at 74% of people aged 12 plus who have had 2 doses and 84.4% with 1 dose. To reach 90% with double doses, we need another 4201 people people to receive their second jab. That’s 16% of the total eligible population needing a second dose to reach the  90% milestone. In contrast Aucklanders are at 91.1% with 1 dose, 81.05% two doses, and needing just under 9% of the eligible population to get their second jab.

The Prime Minister repeated again today that Aucklanders would be free to travel at Christmas although details on how this will happen are still to be resolved. Therefore Aucklanders are likely to head off out of Auckland and move the Delta virus into areas that are popular holiday destinations like Thames Coromandel. After  weeks locked up with no where to go, Auckland and the Waikato will be keen to get away and have some time at holiday spots like the Coromandel.

It is therefore important for Coromandel residents to protect themselves and lifting the 2 dose vaccination rate to 90% is an important way to be able to achieve this.

The following table shows vaccination rates by area across Thames Coromandel.

The data shows Pauanui, with many plus 65 residents is leading the way with nearly 80% having 2 doses and needing just 91 additional doses to reach the 90% target. At the other end is Hikuai with a total eligible population of 183 people needs nearly a third of those eligible to get a second dose to make 90%. Whitianga South and Whangamata have 521 and 566 respectively needing second doses.

We will keep publishing updates to show progress with these numbers every few days.



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