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Nanaia Mahuta has today said that it will be mandatory for Councils to adopt the Three Waters reforms and signals another shot across the bows of New Zealand democracy.

The announcement was made by Nanaia Mahuta today and signals a full steam ahead approach to reform the management and control of the three waters, being drinking water, waste water and storm water.

The governance and management and ownership of these Three Waters has rested with Councils and under the planed reform this would be removed and in place controlled and managed by four new entities across New Zealand. Councils were consulted and asked for feedback on the proposed changes and 60 of the 67 Councils have given the Government a clear message that they do not support it has been proposed.

Both main opposition parties have also campaigned against Three Waters and Nationals, Local Government spokesperson and Opposition Leader Judith Collins have been very vocal opponents and have said they would undo and reverse any Three Waters legislation if elected in the 2023 General Election.

A series of Public Meetings have been held around the Coromandel, Waihi and Hauraki district by Three Waters opponent Benjamin Dunbar-Smith. Speakers at these meeting included Coromandel MP Scott Simpson and Broadcaster Peter Williams. The meetings were well attended and were covered live via the CFM Facebook page.

Despite clear opposition to the proposed reforms, the Government appears to have taken no notice and is steam rolling ahead with implementing these changes saying its in the best interest of New Zealand for these changes to take place.

We understand that a legal challenge is being prepared and this is likely to result in a High Court review of the right to proceed to implement the proposed changes.

Full interview with Minister Mahuta and Rex Simpson

Interview with National Local Government spokesperson Christopher Luxon.

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