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By John Freer On the back of a difficult last 10 months, farmers and people working across the rural sector are now being advised to get their support networks in place for the coming summer. This from a man who has been chairing both the Waikato and National Rural Support Trusts for the past 20 […]

By John Freer To complete the construction of a new Whitianga Refuse Transfer Station is understood to cost an additional $9.9 million. This after an original estimate of $2.5 million. Thames Coromandel District Council halted work on the project earlier this year when it was agreed that the design was not fit for purpose. Since […]

Strong winds and heavy rainfall are having a significant impact across the Coromandel Peninsula today as the remnants of Cyclone Lola moves towards the region. The centre of the storm was just off Northlands east coast this morning and will continue to track south east. Emergency services are continuing to advocate that people take care […]

By John Freer Get prepared to stay safe – this is the advice today from the Thames Coromandel Civil Defence team as the remnants of Cyclone Lola are being felt. After activating the emergency management office, Controller Gary Towler, told CFM the storm structure had changed in that the winds were now expected to be […]

Farmers are being advised to plan ahead for the coming El Nino weather event, this after a recent meeting of the region’s Primary Industries Adverse Event Cluster. On the cluster’s agenda was the climatic conditions and outlook for the coming summer season. Neil Bateup, Waikato Rural Support Trust Chairman says: “It is important to plan […]

By John Freer There is no timeframe or goal to get the closed Cathedral Cove tourist and visitor destination reopened to walkers. This from the Department of Conservations Regional Director, Tinaka Mearns, who recently spoke with CFM. Tinaka maintains that 100 percent of the walking track is at risk and DOC was dealing with complex […]

By John Freer Meeting the challenges facing the Coromandel electorate are aligned to the issues facing the country – this from the re-elected Member of Parliament, National’s Scott Simpson. After a close battle in 2020, Simpson on Saturday swept all challenges aside grabbing 20,950 votes of the 38,184 cast. There were 54,738 registered to vote […]

Waking up today Coromandel had a member of parliament who is again part of a new Government. National’s Scott Simpson, returned to parliament with a massive 14,596 vote majority. Scott has told CFM that he was excited by the opportunity to be part of a new government that will bring positive change. He was grateful […]

It is election day tomorrow and those standing for the Coromandel electorate have had the opportunity for a final say at the end of their respective campaigns. The messages have been aired on the Fabian Roberts 100 percent Breakfast Programme, you can listen to them by opening the link below. There will be 54 polling […]

By John Freer The storm which closed Cathedral Cove is about to return but in a different form. This time a hurricane forced combination of anger and frustration is developing as the Mercury Bay and wider Coromandel tourism sector, brews a backlash on the continued closure of the iconic visitor destination. To date, letters to […]

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